Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amber and Stout

Sooooo in preparation for St. Patrick's Day in March, David and I brewed a batch of Amber that only took around 30 minutes to brew. We started with a True Brew "Amber" kit and added some black patent and honey malt for a little more flavor. I had a lot going on after we brewed, so once it went into the secondary fermenter, it stayed there for a while. The beer was impressively clear since it had so long to clarify. It's sitting in my bedroom closet getting carbonate and delicious. Thanks to David for not helping me completely destroy my kitchen this time.
The stout I have currently in the primary fermenter was showing a lot of activity and CO2 production from the air lock. Unfortunately I didn't think that the brew was going to need any extra care during the primary fermentation, but that wasn't the case. I checked in on the beer during day two and found the air lock clogged and beer on the top of the outside of the fermenter. A little foam block and we're back in business!
The only problem I am having now is.....where to put all the beer!

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