Friday, January 16, 2009

Cookin' the good stuff

Thanks Fellas      
      At this point I feel it necessary to recognize David Urban (left on the motorbike) and Mike Weinstein ( to Bob Sagget) , as by either chance or the grace of god they both started brewing beer in their townhouse a few months before I started into my own frothy adventure.  I helped David brew a batch of beer the night before we started into making the stout that is currently sitting in my hall coat closet.  It was an enlightening experiance to be sure.


The Process
       If you can cook, you can make beer.  I picked up a 22 quart pot; it's big.  Let me qualify big: I can put in on two burners on the stove with absolutely no problem.  Step 1 to make good beer is invite people over to help, as you can always use an extra set of hands.  Step 2 is drink some beers.  Step 3 is follow the directions (or make them up if you're dangerous like David) and make sure everything is CLEAN AND SANATIZED.  
        We boiled the specialty grains that came with the kit, which probably included the roasted barley that Charlie refered to in my last post.  After removing the specialty grains in their muslin bag, we added the malt extract, which came in a rather large bag.  If you can, imagine the better part of a gallon of a sweet tasting liquid with the viscosity of maple syrup and the taste of grape nuts cerial.  We let that simmer for a bit and then brought the liquidy goodness brewers call wert (pronounced "wert") back to a boil and added Kent Golding Hops for about an hour.  With about five minutes left, we added a bit more hops for flavor and aroma.  The whole concoction we poured in the previously sanatized 7 gallon bucket that serves as my primary fermenter.
          It smelled wonderful.   Mmmmmm beer,  

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