Friday, January 16, 2009

Merry Christmas Indeed

Christmas Eve     
     I went to my Sister and Brother-in-Law (BiL)'s place to exchange gifts Christmas eve with my lovely girl friend Katie, and found a large box in an even larger red Christmas sack.  Inside the magical box was a beer brewing kit!  Woo Hoo!  Laura and BiL Trey definiately win a prize for awesome christmas present givers.  The kit includes a 7 gallon bucket and lid with air lock to be used as a primary fermenter, another 7 gallon bucket to be used during the bottling process, equipment to rack (transfer) the beer and an ingredient kit to make a batch of what the box said was "Beartooth Stout," which is an Irish style Stout.  

On stout
     The Complete Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian says the follow about Stouts:
"Stouts are black ales that owe their character to roasted barley and a flavorful hop rate.  There are several styles of stout: imperial, sweet, oatmeal, and the more commerically popular dry stout.  
Dry Stout - Draft versions of Irish-style dry stout are usually surprisingly low in alcohol and often brewed from original specific gravities of 1.038-1.048 99.5-12),  The classic Guiness Stout, as brewed and served in Dublin, Ireland, is low in alcohol, dry, and has a clean bitterness but no hop flavor or aroma; part of the bitter character is contributed by roasted barley.  Its rich foamy head is enhanced by using nitrogen gas when it is dispensed from teh cask or a package containing a nitrogen releasing "widget."  THe degree of sweetness and dryness with vary in stouts, yet they are all top fermented and have the singularly unique and special character of roasted barely.


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