Saturday, January 17, 2009

What to make next

So many beers so little time!
I picked up a make your own six pack from bloom, with a Same Adams Honey Porter, Redhook ESP, and Pilsner Urquell to start off with. The honey porter, while very tastey, was not nearly as good as the homebrewed Porter I recieved from Luke (co worker at mactec, also a home brewer) earlier this month. The honey emparted a sweet flavor that really wasnt in balance with the rest of the beer. I would also have enjoy a bit more hop as the barely sweetness was a touch overwhelming.
The Pilsner Urquell, on the other hand was amazing. It was apparently the first beer to be light in color! VERY creamy dense head, lots of carbonation, and a very aromatic flavor. The bitterness of teh Czech Saaz hops was wonderful. I think the word "luscious" comes to mind.
Redhook was, in a word, hoppy. I think maybe Kent Goldings hops? I can definatly understand why it's called and Extra Special Bitters. The bitterness of the hops was well balanced as was the caramel flavor and coloring.

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